Cité, Paris Metro


Cité, Paris Metro

Curves are common if not the norm in nature while in architecture they are decidedly intentional. For reasons still being studied, curves in design and architecture make people feel good vs the colder emotions brought about by straight lines and hard angles. To say the french have understood that for longer than the current ability to study why is obvious. Looking at this metro station in Paris is a study in non linear design. The only straight lines I can fine are in the floor tiles. The way the light fixtures mimic the curvature of the ceiling is wonderful. Look at how even the shadow bends in a gentle longitudinal arc as it leaves the station and enters the tunnel. Without a degree in French (or any) architectural design I would say that the city planners had an appreciation of nature that very much embraced the natural curves of the idealized feminine form and splashed it over nearly every surface could accept it. Even the mundane is elevated to a higher form in Paris.

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