Courthouse Tower, Moab, Utah


Moab, Utah

There is a lot of beauty in this world. It takes on different forms. Forests, oceans, mountains and deserts to name a few. The differences are stark and yet each is undeniably beautiful. We often travel overseas and marvel at the sites abroad while overlooking just how much breathtaking beauty is right here in North America. It's funny how easy it is to overlook whats close to you merely because it is close. It's easy to say I'll see it later because it's close. The problem with that thinking is that it persists and everything is just a day away until there are no more days.

Here we decided on a relative whim to see Moab. A reasonable drive from Phoenix, AZ. We'd heard great things but the reality was much better. The landscape is otherworldly. Kind of like you may imagine mars to be with all the red rock formations and desert. This is Courthouse Tower just after sunrise. The red rocks (here and everywhere) are best viewed in the moments leading to sunset or the moments just after sunrise. The low angle of the sun not only creates more dramatic long shadows but it enhances the color and makes it a much more fiery red. The landscape is cool all day long but at the two aforementioned times really take your breath away.

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