Nusa Lembongan


This is one of those prints that I have loved since the moment the shutter was pushed. As our small group was on it's way to dinner I was taken by the light hitting the bay. As I do, I split off with a promise to not be long (which I try and sometimes fail to keep). The tide was out and kids were playing among the stranded boats in the  exposed maze of rocks and coral. With Mt. Angung in the background shrouded in a cloudy haze and incredible light dragging across every detail I knew I would find at least one if not more great photos. The problem of course is being true to the subject and doing it the justice it deserves. Some things are almost too pretty to reproduce. Like I knew, I came away with a fair number of good photos. This one though is my favorite and goes well beyond good. That little boy will forever be having a good time in a beautiful place.


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