Ojochal Beach I


Art is many things to many people. I like different pieces for different reasons. My favorite thing in a photograph is when it allows me or even compels me to think. To ask what is going on, sometime even when the image seems obvious. I constantly examine art as metaphor. We each can sign our own meanings to what we see. The more you engage with art the more impact it has. For instance, if you look at this scene as merely a nice land/seascape with cool clouds then it's appeal wears of quicker. If after being grabbed by the overall scene, clouds or whatever, you then start to wonder what the people in it are doing there with the clouds gathering. Why is that tree all alone when there are many others clustered together not too far away. You can further examine society if you wish as  belonging to the group of trees or the single tree. There is so much to read in a single photo.


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