Venice Tango


When traveling, Melissa and I are rarely in our room. Our point in traveling is to experience and learn (and photograph everything of course). Walking with a camera in hand is both exciting and relaxing all at once. There are so many unexpected moments that unfold that to be in your room unless you are sleeping is an unacceptable chance to miss something. Even over well traveled paths, unexpected things happen.

This night we were taking a walk along a path in Venice that we traveled nearly every time we left our room. The difference is that at no other time had there been a crowd of people dancing in the piazza. I seem to wander across people dancing in the streets in a fair number of places. Odd that I never seem to run across similar scenes at home. Maybe it's due to familiarity and routine. Maybe if I grab my camera and walk my neighborhood more often I'll see this play out here. Who knows. So much to see and only two feet.


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